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Protect your company's assets

Keeping your business connected.

Constant communication is the key in running a successful business these days, having a mobile device allows you to stay connected with your business, customers and employees, anytime and anywhere.

For more than 25 years, Otter Products has been a trusted partner in the B2B marketplace, offering robust solutions including the rugged Defender Series and other mobile device cases which will suit any type of work environment.

Solutions Portfolio

Enhance Workflow with Tablet Protection

Improve your business workflow by using our OtterBox iPad cases to shield your tablets from accidental drops and damages. This will help preserve a seamless workflow.

Learn more about OtterBox tablet protection

Promote Longevity of Your Business Phone

Our OtterBox cases extend the lifespan of your company phones, ensuring productivity over an extended period.

Learn more about OtterBox phone protection

Uninterrupted Productivity with the Powerline

Make sure your company gadgets always stay connected to continue productivity

Learn more about OtterBox cables and chargers

Enhance Efficiency with Screen Protectors

Protect your devices with the best screen protector to minimize downtime caused by screen damages.

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