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The Black VIP Room

Welcome to the Black VIP Room.

Come in and discover exciting deals, discounts, and more. As a VIP, you will enjoy:

10% discount

on all OtterBox & LifeProof products.

*cannot be used with other deals and discounts

25% OFF on your birthday

when you make a purchase within your birth week.

A Free Popsockets PopTop

when you make a purchase on your birth month.

*no minimum purchase required

Becoming a VIP

When you make a single or cumulative purchase of Php 15,000 you instantly become a VIP and enjoy all the benefits of being one. Whether it’s here online or at one of our kiosks, every purchase counts.

You can also think about it in points. Every Php 10 spent is 1 point, and it takes 1500 points to become a VIP member. 

VIP Points

Once you become a VIP, your points double in value. As a member, every Php 10 you spend is 2 points instead of just 1.

You can also get points through the following:

  • Sign up Bonus
  • Following the Tenkie Box Instagram Account
  • Share/refer the website to a friend and friend purchases from the website*
  • Leave a product review

*you can claim these points more than once!

Keeping your points ready-to-use

Note that your points are only valid for a year. If you’re saving them and their expiration is coming close, try leaving a product review of any of the other activities from above! This will refresh the expiration date of all your points and earn you more at the same time.


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