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Feature: Patricia Gatus


1. What do you love most about our products?

What I love about LifeProof products is that you know it's of the best quality! Your phone is well-protected which means you are able to enjoy life's adventures and capture those memories worry-free.

2. What’s your favorite OtterBox/LifeProof/PopSockets product?

My favorite LifeProof product is the Fre one, because you get the maximum protection without so much bulk! It fits my pocket and bag better. I also like the PopSockets Slide Stretch Pop Grip because I can easily put it or remove depending on my mood. I can use it with whatever phone case I prefer.

3. Would you recommend our products to your friends and family?

I would definitely recommend LifeProof and even OtterBox products to family & friends because these products are of the best quality. They can stay with you and your phone for a long time. PopSockets are useful as well because it helps grip your phone better and it adds personality because of the colors & designs.


Featured: Patricia Gatus (@patriciagatus)

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